Microplate Readers

Microplate Readers

Our comprehensive line of reliable Microplate Readers deliver the versatility, sensitivity, precision, dynamic range and throughput you need to solve your complex analytical challenges. Every lab is unique. That's why you deserve a Microplate Reader that fits your needs. Maybe your research requires maximum application flexibility, or high throughput. Perhaps you are looking for simplicity, delivering reliable results. Whatever you need, there is a Berthold Technologies Microplate Reader to fit your research needs.

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Berthold Microplate Reader Range

Choosing a Microplate Reader

There are many different types of microplate readers available and it can be sometimes difficult to pick the reader that best suits your needs. The basic considerations will be discussed below.


What is a Microplate Reader, actually?

A microplate reader (also called sometimes microtiter plate reader) is a high-sensitivity instrument designed to analyze samples contained in microplate wells. Microplate formats can vary from 6-1536 wells, providing the ability to read many samples in a short time. The measurement can be performed using a variety of detection technologies: the most common detection modes used in plate readers are absorbance, luminescence and fluorescence. Microplates have become indispensable in modern laboratories and save labor, time and costs.

Types of Microplate Reader

There are several ways to classify microplate readers, but in the event of choosing or purchasing one, there are two important classifications: by detection technologies and by wavelength selection mechanism.

There's lots of Microplate Readers on the market, find out how Berthold's will work for your applications

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