Testing solutions for your winery

Testing solutions for your winery

A wide range of enzymatic and colorimetric kits able to determine the most important parameters of wine, fruit juice, and foods.

Ready to use Liquid Reagents.

Easy to use.

Stable & reproducible.

Long expiry dates.

Run on any Spectrophotometer.

With Scienze chemists available
for analytical application support...

Steroglass instrument & test kit solutions give you access to internationally-approved and industry-standard methods.

Enzymatic & colorimetric kits

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 One multiparametric analyser

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 Electronic Ebulliometer

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 Flash pH - TA, So2 Titrator

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Looking for a MICROLAB for your winery?


  • Analysis-ready straight out of the box
  • All associated equipment included
  • Perfect for use with Steroglass test kits
  • Pre-programmed with protocols for all Steroglass Wine tests
  • Step-by-step instructions for every test


1. One Analyser multiparametric spectrophotometer

2. Flash pH - TA, SO2 Titrator

3. Electronic Ebulliometer for measuring the alcoholic content of wine

4. Micropipettes 20 - 200µl and 100 - 1000µl

5. Starter kit of reagents and consumables

6. ...plus your choice of Steroglass enzymatic & colorimetric kits

Start or expand your winery laboratory today with Scienze, saving you time and money!

The Scienze MICROLAB includes everything you need to start using Steroglass bestselling test kits at your winery.

The Scienze MICROLAB is based around our One Analyzer spectrophotometer (featured in detail below) and is designed to help small and medium wineries get started with enzymatic testing.

Steroglass wine assay kits are recognised internationally for their research-driven novel methods and their exceptional component purity. That means precise results every time at your winery, using top quality test materials and cutting-edge techniques.

Throughout the entire winemaking process it's important to test your wines to make sure they are healthy and are progressing as you would like. It is highly recommended to test wine for the following:

  • TA testing measures the amount of total acids in the wine or must.
  • pH testing gives you an idea of how the wines acidity will be perceived when we drink it. A pH measurement is done using a special meter that measures the relative balance of the acidity as it relates to the buffers (mostly Potassium) naturally found in a wine or must.
  • Sugar testing is done to measure the amount of sugar in a wine or must. This amount is important to know because wines that contain residual sugar (not "dry") need to be stabilized before being bottled or you may have spoilage and re-fermentation problems later in the wines' life.
  • SO2 testing is a critical tool to being able to properly protect your wine from oxidation and spoilage organisms. SO2 levels should be properly maintained throughout the entire ageing period right up until the wine is  bottled.
  • Temperature testing is important at all stages of winemaking: from helping make sure fermentation temperatures don't get too hot, to maintaining the recommended ageing/storage temperatures that will ensure the best development of your wine.

Steroglass ONE Food and Beverage Analyzer

ONE analyzer has been designed for chemical, enzymatic and colorimetric analyses in the food and beverage field and is very useful for controlling the quality of every phase of production.

A wide range of enzymatic and colorimetric kits able to determine the most important parameters of wine, fruit juice, and foods.

Enzymatic & Colorimetric Test Kits

Test kits for a wide number of parameters to ensure quality is maintained in every bottle of wine produced. Test kits starting from $3.16 per test.

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Titrator for measuring pH, Total Acidity, Free & Total Sulfur Dioxide, Formol Number, Volatile Acids, Reducing Sugars, and many more.

Automatic Flash Titrator

Flash is a compact tool, upgradable over time, for the most varied laboratory needs. Simple to use, the color touch screen graphic display contains all the messages and icons that make the Flash titrator very easy to use. The titrator guides the user in every phase of programming, analysis and interpretation of data.


Electronic Ebulliometer

With an electronically regulated electric heater and a continuous refrigeration, this ebulliometer enables to directly and precisely determine the alcohol content of table wines, dry wines, sweet wines, ciders and  vinegars in less than 6 minutes.

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