ELISA system solutions to optimize every step of your workflow 

ELISA system solutions to optimize every step of your workflow 

Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) is an accurate, highly sensitive, and specific for identifying your analytes of interest, be that antibodies, antigens, proteins & glycoproteins. Our ELISA system solutions can help you simplify every step of your ELISA workflow and increase your productivity. We offer a wide range of tools to meet your ELISA workflow needs.

ELISA Kits. 23+ Comprehensive Species. High Sensitivity. High Specificity. Excellent Recovery Rate.

More than 8900 highly-referenced ELISA kits. The unique coating system reduces the damage of the coated protein, the special biotinylated antibody and HRP enzyme conjugate protection solution make the coefficient of variation between batches less than 9.9%. High specificity with a cross-reaction rate of less than 5% and an excellent recovery rate of 85% to 115%.


Only 17 seconds for a triple wash of a 96-well microplate

Solutions to Optimize Washing and Dispensing

System solutions that automate the washing and dispensing steps of your ELISA not only help you save time and increase productivity. They are also indispensable if you want to increase your reproducibility and eliminate important sources of errors in the workflow.

The Zoom HT Plate Coating System has not only been designed for speed and throughput. Its optional dispense module allows the precise dispensing of your precious reagents (e.g. antibodies or antigens) with minimal dead volume. The system takes only 17 seconds for a triple wash of a 96-well microplate, enabling a typical throughput of 250 plates coated per hour, or up to 1050 plates washed per day.

ELISA Readers for Reliable Result

The Apollo ELISA Reader is an intuitive and easy to use microplate absorbance reader with pre-installed filters and applications for all common ELISAs. The system´s precise mechanics and quality optics in combination with its auto-check and auto-calibration feature ensure best reproducibility of your measurements.

If you´re looking to perform not only absorbance but other measurements requiring additional detection technologies our family of multimode microplate readers provides you with the flexibility you need. Configure the system of your choice according to your needs today and upgrade to add additional features whenever you need them.


Reliable ELISA and Absorbance analysis in just 6 seconds


Single plate ELISA walkaway automation

ELISA Workflow Solutions

We offer a wide variety of ELISA workstations that can help you automize the entire ELISA workflow if required, from washing, dispensing, shaking, incubating to the final absorbance measurement. Automation can solve some of the typical ELISA problems by increasing reliability and reproducibility, increasing throughput, freeing your time from repetitive tasks and allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

ELISA Software Solutions

Our convenient software solutions can help you analyze your ELISA results and more. The intuitive and easy to use MikroWin software provides you with curve fitting or other advanced features:

  • Advanced curve fitting, including 4PL
  • Quantitative analysis with flexible threshold conditions
  • Additional plate formats: 12, 24 and 48-well, in addition to 96-well microplates.
  • Compliance with CFR 21 part 11

Maximum performance at an attractive price

ELISA liquid handling has never been so easy... and with better results

Standardize tedious dilution routines and increase reproducibility of results. Select, save and change pre-defined fluid types on-the-fly. Programming this robot is incredibly intuitive. NO computer coding needed... just drag and drop onto a virtual deck that looks just like the real thing and adjust all aspects of set-up easily makes programming stress free. 

Do you run ELISAs or other assays that require more than just absorbance reads? 

Berthold's comprehensive line of reliable Microplate Readers deliver the versatility, sensitivity, precision, dynamic range and throughput you need to solve your complex analytical challenges. Every lab is unique. That's why you deserve a Microplate Reader that fits your needs.


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