XRF Consumables & Sample Preparation

XRF Consumables & Sample Preparation

Consumables for Liquid & Solid Sampling

Sample Preparation Supporting Accessories

Sample Preparation Equipment

The Specac range of Sample Preparation equipment provides leading pellet pressing, film-making, heated platen, sample grinding and XRF accessories. Browse our sample preparation range and please get in touch.

Manual Hydraulic Press, FTIR, XRF pellet press. Ideal for FTIR or XRF pellets. 15T, 25T options.

Manual Hydraulic Press | FTIR + XRF pellet press

  • Ideal for FTIR or XRF pellets
  • Award-winning press
  • 15T + 25T options


Small Hydraulic Press. Handheld KBr pellet press. Ideal for KBR pellets. Small, lightweight. Simple, easy.
Small Hydraulic Press | Handheld KBr pellet press
  • Ideal for KBR pellets
  • Small + lightweight
  • Simple + easy


Autotouch Hydraulic Press. FTIR, XRF automatic press. Programmable controls. Reproducible pellets. 8T, 15T, 25T, 40T
Autotouch Hydraulic Press | FTIR + XRF automatic press
  • Programmable controls
  • Reproducible pellets
  • 8T, 15T, 25T, 40T


XRF Pellet Dies. Automatic Eject Pellet Die. Easy sample pellet release. Patented die design. 32mm, 40mm.
XRF Pellet Dies | Automatic Eject Pellet Die
  • Easy sample pellet release
  • Patented die design
  • 32mm + 40mm


FTIR Pellet Dies. Prepare KBr Pellets. Evacuable for high quality pellets. Durable stainless steel. Highly polished pellets.
FTIR Pellet Dies | Prepare KBr Pellets
  • Evacuable for high quality pellets
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Highly polished pellets


XRF Grinding Mill. P6 Planetary Ball Mill. Hard, brittle, moist materials. Speeds of up to 650 rpm. Range of bowls and balls.
XRF Grinding Mill | P6 Planetary Ball Mill
  • Hard, brittle, moist materials
  • Speeds of up to 650 rpm
  • Range of bowls and balls


Spares, consumables for pellet dies, FTIR, KBr, XRF. Die bases and rings. Pellet Holders. Die Spares.
Spares + consumables for pellet dies | FTIR, KBr + XRF
  • Die bases and rings
  • Pellet Holders
  • Die Spares


Heated Platens. Electrically Powered. Up to 300ºC temperature. Suitable for film-making. 15T load-bearing.

Heated Platens | Electrically Powered

  • Up to 300ºC temperature
  • Suitable for film-making
  • 15T load-bearing


Mini-Film Maker. Polymer Film Maker. Quick, reproducable. 50 to 500μm films. Ambient to 250°C.

Mini-Film Maker | Polymer Film Maker

  • Quick + reproducable
  • 50 to 500μm films
  • Ambient to 250°C


Pellet Press Spares. KBr Powder, Hydraulic oil. Thin film card holders. Load Gauge Kit.
Pellet Press Spares | KBr Powder + More
  • KBr powder, hydraulic oil
  • Thin film card holders
  • Load Gauge Kit


Constant Thickness Film Maker. 15 min. cycle time. Up to 300°C. 4T load limit.

Constant Thickness Film Maker

  • 15 min. cycle time
  • Up to 300°C
  • 4T load limit


Power Hydraulic Press. Automatic FTIR, XRF Press. Single phase electrical press. Reproducible pellets. 8T, 15T, 25T loads.
Power Hydraulic Press | Automatic FTIR + XRF Press
  • Single phase electrical press
  • Reproducible pellets
  • 8T, 15T, 25T loads


Specamill, FTIR, DRIFTS Sample Mill. Adjustable vibration. Timer with override. Rapid grinding mill.

Specamill | FTIR + DRIFTS Sample Mill

  • Adjustable vibration
  • Timer with override
  • Rapid grinding mill


Agate Pestle, Mortar. Grind Solid Samples. Pure non-absorbing agate. Mull transmission prep. 40mm bowl diameter.
Agate Pestle + Mortar | Grind Solid Samples
  • Pure non-absorbing agate
  • Mull transmission prep.
  • 40mm bowl diameter


Film Maker Spares. Parts and Consumables. Platen assemblies. Cooling blocks. Spacing Rings.
Film Maker Spares | Parts and Consumables
  • Platen assemblies
  • Cooling blocks
  • Spacing Rings


High Temperature Film Maker. Up to 400 ºC temp. 10 min. cycle time. 2T load limit.
High Temperature Film Maker
  • Up to 400 ºC temp.
  • 10 min. cycle time
  • 2T load limit


Spares for Electrically Heated Platens. Replacement heater elements. Easy to change spares. Spare platen parts.
Spares for Electrically Heated Platens
  • Replacement heater elements
  • Easy to change spares
  • Spare platen parts


Specadie. KBr Pellet System. 8.5mm diameter KBr pellets. Compact and simple. No press required.
Specadie | KBr Pellet System
  • 8.5mm diameter KBr pellets
  • Compact and simple
  • No press required


XRF Fusion Beads. Electric & Gas Fusion Fluxers. Customizable to sample. Low cost of ownership. Ultra-high efficient.
XRF Fusion Beads | Electric & Gas Fusion Fluxers
  • Customizable to sample
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Ultra-high efficient


For more information please email info@scienze.nz  and one of our technical

specialists will contact you directly to discuss your needs.

XRF Consumables

Specac provide a range of XRF supplies to suit your sample preparation needs. Browse our Fusion Fluxers, Sample Cups, Grinding Balls + Bowls and Thin Films.

XRF Fusion Flux Consumables. Lithium Tetraborate 35%. Lithium Tetraborate 66%. Lithium Metaborate 100%.

XRF Fusion Flux Consumables

  • Lithium Tetraborate 35%
  • Lithium Tetraborate 66%
  • Lithium Metaborate 100%


XRF Grinding Consumables. XRF Spectroblend, Flux. XRF SpectroMix powder. XRF Liquid Binder.

XRF Grinding Consumables

  • XRF Spectroblend + Flux
  • XRF SpectroMix powder
  • XRF Liquid Binder


XRF Pellet Cups. 32 mm or 40 mm. Up to 1000 units. Aluminium or plastic.
XRF Pellet Cups
  • 32 mm or 40 mm
  • Up to 1000 units
  • Aluminium or plastic


XRF Sample Cups. XRF Sample Preparation. Single/Double open-ended. SpectroCup® sample cups. TrimLess® sleeved cups.

XRF Sample Cups | XRF Sample Preparation

  • Single/Double open-ended
  • SpectroCup® sample cups
  • TrimLess® sleeved cups


XRF Thin Films. XRF Cup Support. Self-adhesive films. Continuous rolls. Pre-cut circles.
XRF Thin Films | XRF Cup Support
  • Self-adhesive films
  • Continuous rolls
  • Pre-cut circles


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Need more information / Questions?

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