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Fast, accurate tartaric stability meter for wine

Tartaric stability is associated with precipitation phenomena generated by salts and tartaric acid wine. These substances, always found in grapes, may give rise to potassium bitartrate precipitation, where the potassium concentration is too high to be dissolved. Precipitation is a slow process that takes place in the cellar after (or during) must fermentation or directly in the bottle. It does not cause organoleptic damage in wine; however, it is not always visually appreciated by customers in an increasingly demanding market... protect your brand!


Easy Check is an automatic system that measures tartaric stability in wine. Easy to use, it provides fast and repeatable stability measurements then automatically generates analytical reports.

Easy Check allows for potassium tartrate precipitation by simply adding THK as a crystalization activator. Wine stability measurements are carried out through determination of the electrical conductivity delta ( initial conductivity - final conductivity ) at different temperature conditions.


  • It allows to optimize the chosen treatment prior to bottling, either by cold or by additives.
  • Drastic savings in energy consumption.
  • Additive saving: CMC, etc.
  • It avoids possible product rejection due to precipitation in the bottle.
  • Very fast and easy to use, it provides a repeatable stability measurement with the ability to store records electronically.


  • Fully automated ultra-compact system for measuring tartaric stability.
  • 4-cell Peltier cooling, the fastest in its category and 10 times more precise than water-glycol baths. +/- 0.05ºC vs 0.5ºC
  • Small sample volume: only 20 ml
  • It only requires electricity for its correct operation and to cool the sample.
  • Internal computer and high test storage capacity. No need for external PC.
  • Color touch interface with Andriod software for better interconnectivity to smartphones.
  • Built-in routines: Isotherm (mini-contact), TS (saturation temp), TSS (stabilized saturation temp), TCC (critical crystallization temp), SSS (stable supersaturation zone), CALCIUM (calcium stabilization).
  • Small size and light weight, easy to carry.
  • Maintenance free unit.

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