Microbiological Testing

Microbiological Testing

  • Simple operation, reliable result (AOAC PTM certified )
  • Immediately after opening the package, enables you to place a sample suspension onto the media and to start incubation.
  • Compared to traditional plates, saves incubation space and reduces waste.

It does not require medium preparation or autoclave sterilization and can be used immediately after taking it out of the bag. Work time can be shortened because there is no need for operations such as placing or layering or special jigs. Since it can be dropped while stacking, not only the work time but also the work space can be reduced. Easy operation that even beginners can use with high reliability. 

A prepared film medium that does not require medium preparation.


Easy Plate AC

General viable bacteria

 Count the number of red colonies


Easy Plate CC

Coliform bacteria

 Count the number of blue colonies


Easy Plate EC

E. coli 

Count the number of dark blue to bluish purple colonies [Coliform bacteria other than E. coli] Count the number of pink to purplish red colonies


Easy Plate SA

Staphylococcus aureus

 Count the number of blue colonies

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

1. Sample Preparation

Add appropriate sterile dilutions to the sample and homogenize with a homogenizer.

Dilute the sample solution so that the number of bacteria is within an appropriate range ( 250cfu/ml or less )

2. Inoculation


Aseptically remove each sheet form the aluminium bag.


Place sheet on a flat surface and lift the cover.


Place a 1ml sample suspension onto the centre of the medium.


Leave the sheet on a flat, horizontal surface for 3 minutes or more.

Increase efficiency by stacking 


New sheets can be stacked on top of sheets in which solidification is still occurring ( up to 10 sheets ). This saves space and time during sample placement.

3. Incubation


Incubate the sheets, in lots of up to 25 sheets.

4. Interpretation


The use of chromogens assist in the visualization of bacterial colonies and counting.

For a Large Number of Colonies

Count colonies within 1-3 squares printed on the cover and calculate an average. 

Colony Isolation

Lift the cover and pick a single colony from the gel.


5. Disposal

All used sheets should be considered to be contaminated and should be disposed of it in accordance with the disposal standards of local governments and facilities after  appropriate sterilization.

Kikkoman Test Kits are AOAC Performance Tested Methods 

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