Automated PCR Reaction Setup Workstation

Automated PCR Reaction Setup Workstation



6 position modular deck

  • Cost-effective, low to medium throughput automated liquid handling system
  • Small footprint pipetting robot saves precious lab space
  • 4 or 8-channel pipette head with single channel function
  • 6 deck positions


8 position modular deck

  • Low to medium throughput automated liquid handler with added deck space
  • Liquid displacement technology easily handles liquids of varying viscosities
  • Dual syringe pump pipette head has a large dynamic range
  • 8 deck positions

VERSA 1100

15 position modular deck

  • Complete walk-away automated liquid handling solution for all your medium to high throughput needs
  • Occupies a compact area for such a robust automated liquid handling workstation
  • 4 or 8 or 96-channel pipette head with single channel function
  • 15 deck positions

VERSA automated PCR Setup workstations replace repetitive pipetting for any type of PCR setup protocols to highly accurate and contamination free liquid handling. VERSA series offers ultimate flexibility while being compatible with many PCR and qPCR formats including 96- or 384-well plates, LightCycler carousel, Rotor-Gene rings, and AmpliSlide. VERSA’s Gripper and Transporter enable more flexibility in tailoring different protocols unlike slider systems that allow limited plate movement between two neighboring decks. Scientists benefit from increased throughput, reproducibility and walk-away time.

We have relied on the Versa 1100 PCR for over two years as a key component to the development of innovative solutions for industrial water processes. The accurate and versatile liquid handling instrument is complemented by a responsive and resourceful customer service team to ensure our results can keep our customers operating at peak performance.

          —Pulp & Paper RD&E, Nalco Water, An Ecolab Company

Automation of One-Step Realtime PCR based DNA Quantitative Kit for Diagnosis of HBV on VERSA 10 Workstation

One-tube or one-step realtime PCR technology based molecular diagnostics has preferred requirement of automation of sample processing for PCR preparative work. The automation not only saves time and effort, but also improves processing capacity, eliminates human error, and ensures batch consistency of reagents and samples in the detection and diagnostic process of clinical samples. With the objective of providing an effective automated solution to the diagnostic industry, validation of VERSA 10 Workstation was successfully completed for Hepatitis B Viral DNA Quantitative Fluorescent Diagnostic Kit.

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Automation of SensiFAST Real-time qPCR mix with MIC qPCR system on VERSA 10 Workstation.

Automation of SensiFAST Real-time qPCR mix with MIC qPCR system on VERSA 10 Workstation.

A collaboration between Aurora, BMS, and Bioline advances real-time qPCR solutions with utmost sensitivity, cost-efficacy, and precision. Download to learn more about the successful deployment of a small-footprint, ultrafast, automatable solution for qPCR assays utilizing the VERSA 10 automated PCR Setup workstation.

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Automation of SensiFAST Real-time qPCR mix with MIC qPCR system on VERSA 10 Workstation.


Download the Validation poster to see how VERSA 10 automated PCR workstations are used for Real-Time PCR Setup using cDNA from two Genes of Trout Fish.

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Modules Tailored to Your Automated PCR / RT-PCR Protocols

Modules Tailored to Your Automated PCR / RT-PCR Protocols

    • Highly accurate air-displacement technology increases reproducibility
    • Accurate preparation of PCR/qPCR master-mix
    • Flexibility to perform other associated task such as normalization and plate reformatting
    • Low dead volume reduces costs associated with reagent waste


  • Open System – compatible with diverse reagents, kits and labware
  • HEPA/UV/LED Enclosure – keeps samples contamination-free
  • Scalable Solution – processes 1 to 96 samples in parallel depending on throughput demands
  • Unparalleled Customer Service – our engineering team is readily available to troubleshoot your protocols

Qiagen™ GeneDisc Adaptor Ring


Beckman Coulter™ Advalytix Amplislide Adaptor



draws reagents from their reservoirs and eliminates tip usage


Plate Transporter

enables more flexibility than slider systems


Reagent Block Cooler

preserves precious dNTPs, buffers and enzymes


8 Channel Pipetting Head

with single channel function


VERSA Automated PCR Setup System Compatibility

VERSA Automated PCR Setup System Compatibility


Carousel PCR Setup


Qiagen™ Rotorgene Setup


Slide Based PCR Setup


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