SUNTEX pH/ORP/Temp. Meter


Unleash research potential with the arrival of the next-gen benchtop meter
Discover innovation in SP-2110 and SP-2310, boasting a sleek design
with breathing light function buttons. With a USB Type-C port for a
stable power supply and connection to a printer. Encompassing various brands of standard solutions and calibration reminder function provides greater flexibility for calibration. Additionally, both display calibration graphics for educational purposes. SP-2310 has the ability to switch and display a 3-minute trend graph.

  • Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature
  • Auto-Read function status indicator light (breathing light)
  • Calibration features both linear and segmented calibration modes
  • Integrated multi-brand standard solution table for targeted calibration
  • An integral pH calibration graph can be displayed after the calibration
  • USB Type-C power supply function and the ability to connect to an array printer
  • Provides various display options, including calibration standard solutions or real-time potential
  • Calibration reminder function can display the remaining calibration days and pop-up notifications

Model SP-2110 & SP-2310 Specifications

Measuring range: pH -2~20pH, ORP -2000~2000mV

Temperature: -10.0~110.0°C / 14.0~230.0°F

SP-2110 pH Resolution & Accuracy: 0.01pH, ±0.01pH

SP-2310 pH Resolution & Accuracy: 0.001pH, ±0.001pH

Resolution & Accuracy ORP: 1mV/0.1mV, ±0.05%

Resolution & Accuracy Temperature: 0.01°C, ±0.2°C/0.01°F, ± 0.4°F

Auto-Read function: Yes

Auto power-off: Yes (Built-in timer)

Temperature Compensation: Automatic with NTC 30K or PT-1000 or manual adjustment

Calibration pH: TECH, NIST, Any, MERCK, Mettler US/EU, WTW, Hach, Hamilton, JIS Z8802, User-defined table. SP-2110: Up to 3 points calibration. SP-2310: Up to 5 points calibration

Calibration ORP: Relative potential adjustment range: ±300.0mV

Data transmitting: USB-C (RS-232 protocol) printing

Data storage: Auto/Manual, 200 sets Auto/Manual (SP-2110), 60,000 sets (SP-2310) (Measurement, temp., time, date, user_ group ID, sample No.)

Calibration record: The last 10 calibration records (GLP) The last 50 calibration records (GLP)

Display: 4.3”Graphic LCM backlight display, with manual brightness adjustment function

Power Supply: USB Type-C or 6V Adapter Transformer (optional)

Dimensions: 220mm x 180mm x 65mm (L x W x H)

Weight: 0.5kg

What’s included? ATC probe, Flexible electrode holder, Buffer solutions pH4.01 & 7.00 (30ml each), USB wire, AC/DC adapter.


Autoread Breathing status light

Status light makes easier waiting for Auto Read result. More focused energy is retained for greater productivity.

Calibration reminder

Let the measurement stay on track by applying the calibration reminder progress-bar and countdown days.


Theory Visualization Calibration

Clearly and concisely illustrate information with dynamic calibration lines so calibration can be understood and performed.

Type-C USB Power Supply / transmission

Easy power supply solution. Use the USB Type-C port to connect either a USB power supply or portable power bank, and also can be for data printing.


Diverse Information

Experience switchable information of the display, from calibrated buffer values, realtime mV value or a clear streamlined mode to easily focusing on main measurement.

Graphical Menu

Easy to understand and operate quickly. Also, flexible system settings allow freely adjusting the backlight and contrast.


Calibration Traceability

Attain complete calibration traceability with access to up to 50 sets of calibration records.

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