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Max. capacity: 12 x 1,5-2 ml.
Max. speed: 15.596 xg / 15.000 RPM

Your personal centrifuge for the most demanding laboratory. Compact, quick, reliable and with precise control of operating parameters. Indispensable in separation processes for microvolumes, in which the relative centrifugal force must be high. The Minicen centrifuge includes a rotor for twelve 1.5-2 ml. tubes, able to reach 15,000 RPM and up to 15.596 xg. Also supplied with reducers for 0.5-0.6 ml. and 0.2-0.4 ml. tubes, thus covering needs as regards equipment for all types of microtubes.

The smallest in the family, offering the performance of the biggest ones.

Compatible rotors:

The centrifuge configuration includes:

Centrifuge Minicen + angle fixed rotor RT 255 for 12 x 1,5-2 ml. and adapters for 12 x 0,5-0,6 ml. (RE 509) and 12 x 0,2-0,4 ml. (RE 510)

RT 263
RT 263

Max. capacity: 16 x 0,2 ml.
RPM Max.: 15.000
Radius (mm): 52
RCF Max. (xg): 13.080


RT 255
RT 255

Max. capacity: 12 x 1,5-2 ml.
RPM Max.: 15.000
Radius (mm): 62
RCF Max. (xg): 15.596

Full Range of Centrifuges

Mini, Small & Micro

Mini: Minicen: for work with microtubes.

Small: Microcen 24: for general use in all kind of laboratories.

Microcentrifuges: Biocen 22, Biocen 22 R: High speed, centrifuge for microtubes and microhematocrit with application in Biotechnology, Nanotechnology…


Universal: Unicen 21, Digicen21, Digicen 21 R: versatility, applicable in most laboratories (blood test…).

High Capacity

High capacity: Consul 22, Consul 22 R, Digtor 22, Digtor 22 R, Dilitcen 22: for water, food, beverage, oil and blood tests, biotechnology…

Floor Standing

Floor standing: Magnus 22, Magnus 22 R: blood bags.

A to Z Product Listing

A to Z Product Listing

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