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Robust systems for quality control and production analysis both on line and laboratory based, complete with robust service to match.

Water Purification Systems

The NEW Ultrapure Water Systems provide you with reliable and compact systems to produce ASTM Type 1 grade water.

The Aquinity² is fed directly from municipal or potable tap water, whereas the Astacus² needs deionised water. Both systems ensure a high level of convenience at low operating costs.

Aquinity² systems are equipped with a reverse osmosis (RO) and/or an optional electro-deionisation (EDI) cell to produce deionised water. The systems feature 10l, 35l or 70l storage reservoirs which are filled at a production rate of 10l/h.

The deionised water can be dispensed straight from this reservoir. In the next step the ultrapure water is produced with an optimized combination of activated carbon and mixed bed cartridges.

As an additional option the new Aquinity² and Astacus² models enable remote diagnosis and service via the internet. This Remote Check offers you the opportunity to save time and money with fast and reliable support from our service team.

In-line Process Refractometers

Immediate concentration monitoring in liquids directly in the process stream (In-line in real time)


  • Concentration monitoring
  • Product interface detection
  • Deviation from the nominal value (Quality Control)
  • Crystallisation monitoring
  • Dosage control


  • Food/Beverage
  • Chemistry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Sugar production
  • Textile and paper
  • Semiconductors
  • Cooling/lubricating agents

Automatic Titrators

Titrex ACT family has been designed to simply and precisely satisfy and perform the widest range of potentiometric titrations: acid-base, redox, argentometric, complexometric titrations.



COMPACT AND MODULAR AT THE SAME TIME: Titrex ACT is a compact as well as modular instrument. It can be configured at will, therefore it is fitted to satisfy the ever-changing laboratory requirements. The burettes for titrant solutions and the peristaltic pumps for the auxiliary reactants can be integrated to the system at any time.
SOFTWARE UPGRADING: simply performed by connecting the Titrex ACT to a PC.
EASY-TO-USE: the wide graphic display contains all the messages and the icons that make Titrex ACT extremely easy to use. The titrator guides the user in each programming phase, analysis and data interpretation.

ON-LINE GRAPHICS: during the titration process the graphic trend is displayed in real time, so that the operator is immediately informed about the analysis trend.
GLP: each analytical report obtained with the Titrex is complete and reports: company/institution and operators name, analysis date and time, sample alphanumeric code, titrant consumption, volume/weight, result reported in the desired unit (e.g. % g/etc.).

A to Z Product Listing

A to Z Product Listing

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