FTIR Microscope Accessories

FTIR Microscope Accessories


An economical tool that can repeatably slice thin sections without damaging samples

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Compression of thick/uneven samples for measurement

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SliceMaster Series Precision Cutting from 10-200 μm

SliceMaster Series Precision Cutting from 10-200 μm

Originally developed for FTIR microscopy, SliceMaster is a line of compact precision cutting tools that may also be used for any variety of applications requiring extremely thin sample sections, such as packaging materials, films, laminates or pellets. The SliceMaster is an economical tool that can repeatably slice thin sections without damaging samples.

Low Cost

As a replacement for more expensive microtomes, the SliceMaster can repeatably cut thin sections without damage to the sample.

Simple and Safe Handling

The very sharp blade is retained behind a safety guard and adjustment is very easy with a micrometer adjustment for the section thickness and hand operated cutting action.

SliceMaster Models

SliceMaster Models


HW-1 Multi-Angle Slicer

The most versatile slicer with adjustable angles from vertical to 45°. Ideal for exposing the surface of multilayer laminates for FTIR microscopic imaging and measurement.


TS-10 Pellet Slicer

In addition to the benefits of the Multi-Angle Slicer, the Pellet Slicer includes a dedicated holder for irregular sized pellets, seeds, caplets and tablets. This holds the sample for exposing flat surfaces and shaving thin sections from a sample.


HS-1 Vertical Slicer

Simple version of the HW-1 with fixed vertical cut (90°).

HS-1 Vertical Slicer
1000 μm Polypropylene Bottles
800 μm Multilayered Paper Cartons
600 μm Polyethylene Tubes
400 μm PET Bottles
200 μm Polyester Cards
10 μm Straws, Copy Paper, Polymide Sheets, etc.

HK-1 Angled Slicer

Fixed 15º angle slicer for cutting film and laminate materials leaving a wide exposed surface with up to 4 times the surface area compared with a 45° section. Includes removable sample holder.

HK-1 Angled Slicer
200 μm Polyester Cards
160 μm Coated Paper
120 μm Thick Bags for Tea or Zip Locks*
80 μm Hair, Instant/Snack Food Bags*
40 μm Polypropylene Cartons
10 μm Polyvinyl Chloride and Polyvinylidene Chloride
Wrappers, Polyethylene Bags, Aluminum Foil
*Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyester, Polyimide, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Polyvinyl Acetate, etc.

SliceMaster Model Specifications

SliceMaster Model Specifications

HS-1 Vertical Slicer HK-1 Angled Slicer HW-1 Multi-Angle Slicer TS-10 Pellet Slicer

Cutting Angle (against surface)


90° 15° 45-90° Stepless Variable 70-90°

Sample Holder


Removable Body Fixed Removable Removable

Sample Stage


Feed Screw Type (500 μm/l rotation: stepless adjustable)

Maximum Thickness


3 mm 0.2 mm 2 mm 10 mm



85 mm (W) × 150 mm (D)
× 110 mm (H)
95 mm (W) × 115 mm (D)
× 65 mm (H)
85 mm (W) × 115 mm (D)
× 95 mm (H)
85 mm (W) x 120 mm (D)
x 110 mm (H)



 730 g 1100 g 820 g 1100 g

DC-500 Diamond Compression Cell

DC-500 Diamond Compression Cell


The DC-500, diamond compression cell, compresses thick/uneven samples for measurement.

  • Micro sample (approximately 20 µm) for measurement of solid samples
  • Macro and Microscopic measurement with transparent chamber
  • Requires only two screws to compress the sample
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and a non-adhesive, can be easily cleaned with organic solvents such as acetone
  • Hard surface with a high level of precision, so grinding and rolling are possible for easy sample observation

DC-500 Diamond Compression Cell Specifications

DC-500 Diamond Compression Cell Specifications

Diamond Compression Cell


Size of Diamond   Diameter 2.5 mm; Thickness 1.0 mm
Sample Contact Area   2.5 mm Diameter
Valid Analysis Area   2.0 mm Diameter
Pressurization Method   Fastening the screws by hand or hexagonal wrench
Measurement Wavenumber   10000 - 2500, 1800 - 300 cm-1
Specifications of Diamond  

Refractive Index



  Solubility to Water   Insoluble
  Properties   High mechanical strength and acid resistance
  Measurement of   Acid, solvent or oxidation catalyst, etc.

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