ELISA Kits. 23+ Comprehensive Species. High Sensitivity. High Specificity. Excellent Recovery Rate.

More than 8900 highly-referenced ELISA kits. Accurate, highly sensitive, and specific for identifying protein species, antibodies, and other soluble targets of interest. The unique coating system reduces the damage of the coated protein, the special biotinylated antibody and HRP enzyme conjugate protection solution make the coefficient of variation between batches less than 9.9%. High specificity with a cross-reaction rate of less than 5% and an excellent recovery rate of 85% to 115%. Click on the species of interest to download available kits: 

Avian, Canine, Cat, Cattle, Chicken, Dog, Duck, General, Goat, Guinea Pig, Hamster, Horse, Human, Human/Rat, Human/Rat/Mouse, Mouse, Pig, Pigeon, Plant, Rabbit, Rat, Sheep, Simian, Spinach, Zebra Fish


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ELISA system solutions to optimize every step of your workflow 

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A to Z Product Listing

A to Z Product Listing

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