SD 400 Oxi L Dissolved Oxygen Meter

The determination of dissolved oxygen in water is based on the optical technology of luminescence.

High Accuracy
Drift-free, optical measurement
Easy, intuitive handling
Matches BOD bottles

Waste Water
Water Treatment
Marine Water
Surface Water
Drinking/ Potable Water

This technology offers concrete advantages concerning low maintenance, easy calibration and a fast response combined with high accuracy.

Please email info@scienze.nz and one of our technical specialists will contact you directly to discuss your needs.

Features of SD 400 Oxi L

For oxygen measurement based on luminescence there is no electrolyte required. So it is not necessary to refill the sensor which makes maintenance simple and easy...

High accuracy.
No sample flow is needed.
Low maintenance.
No costs caused by electrolyte.
No pollution of ambient medium.
Long-life sensor membrane.
Insensitive to toxic gases.
Available with a 1.5m, 3m or 10m cable.

Waterproof sensor IP 67.
Backlit LCD.
Internal data storage.
Software for monitoring and storage of data.
Matches  bottles 16,4 mm ø and above.

Technical Data
Probe: Optical DO
Protection class: IP 67 (sensor)
Display: Large LCD display
Data Memory: Auto or manual data memory, Micro SD-card
Data Logger: Software for monitoring and storage of data
Software: included in instrument
Interface: Mini-USB
Power off: After 10 minutes or manual off
Power Supply: Mini-USB or 4 x AA batteries
Salinity: 0… 50 ppt, auto compensation
(with manual input salinity)
Response time: 40 sec. to 90 % of final reading
Storage temperature: -5 °C to 50 °C
Working temperature: -5 °C to 50 °C
Dimensions: 162 x 98 x 54 mm (L x W x H
instrument only)
Weight: approx. 314 g (unit incl. batteries)
Meets CE-Conformity

Measuring ranges
Oxygen 0 – 50 mg/l
– saturation 0 – 500 %
– temperature -5 to 50 °C
– barometer 51 to 112 kPa

Oxygen 0.01 mg/l
– saturation 0.1 %
– temperature 0.1 °C
– barometer 0.1 kPa

Oxygen 0 to 200% or 0 – 20mg/l:
± 1.0% of the reading or
± 0.1 mg/l whichever is greater
> 200% or > 20mg/l:
± 10% of reading
– temperature ± 0.2 °C
– barometer ± 0.2%

Order Code: 4740000 Includes:
SD 400 Oxi L, Set 1 with 1.5 m cable instrument, 4 (AA) batteries, optical DO-probe with 1.5 m cable, bottle for storage and calibration, Micro-SD-Card with calibration data, software and full user manual, quick start guide and lanyard in case

Order Code: 4740010 includes
SD 400 Oxi L, Set 2 with 3 m cable instrument, 4 (AA) batteries, optical DO-probe with 3 m cable, bottle for storage and calibration, Micro-SD-Card with calibration data, software and full user manual, quick start guide and lanyard in case

Order Code: 4740020
SD 400 Oxi L, Set 3 with 10 m cable instrument, 4 (AA) batteries, optical DO-probe with 10 m cable, bottle for storage and calibration, Micro-SD-Card with calibration data, software and full user manual, quick start guide and lanyard in case

Accessories available include:

Order code:740060  Optical DO probe with 1.5 m cable and bottle for storage and calibration
Order code:740070  Optical DO probe with 3 m cable and bottle for storage and calibration
Order code:740080  Optical DO probe with 10 m cable and bottle for storage and calibration
Order code:740030  SD 400 Oxi L basic instrument
Order code:740090  Data Transmission Kit (consists of USB cable and wall mount adapter)
Order code:740100  Maintenance Kit (consists of membrane cap and Micro SD card with software and calibration data)
Order code:740110  Metal guard (for protection and weighting in field-testing)
Order code:740120  Bottle for storage and calibration
Order code:740050  Carrying case with foam
Order code:197635  Cleaning cloth

Please email info@scienze.nz  and one of our technical specialists will contact you directly to discuss your needs.

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Different forms of reagents are required for different fields of application. It is fair to say that, in terms of quality, tablet reagents are the best form of reagent. Thanks to production techniques of the type used in the pharmaceutical industry and stringent internal quality standards, AQUALYTIC® is able to produce tablet reagents for water testing with a guaranteed shelf life of 5 or 10 years.

These tablets are individually sealed in high-grade, polyethylene-coated aluminium foil and represent the reagent form of choice for everyday water testing applications.

Users in different countries traditionally prefer forms of reagent other than tablets. AQUALYTIC® powder reagents are designed to allow fast and easy testing. Powder reagents are packed in aluminium foil for a wide range of applications and producers represent an alternative reagent form recently introduced by AQUALYTIC®.



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The PD250 is designed for easy and controlled dosage of DPD powder reagents. One click gives the exact amount of reagent required for a 10 ml sample. The PD 250 is the perfect alternative to the Powder Packs for those carrying out a number of tests, saving time while also reducing the amount of packaging waste. The reagent is supplied in sealed glass vials, sufficient for up to 250 tests. The protective sealing enables a shelf life of up to 5 years although, once the vial has been opened, the contents should be used within 6 months. The vials can be changed quickly and easily. Furthermore, the dispenser can be thoroughly cleaned and the ergonomic design allows for comfort during operation.

Delivery content: PD 250 in carton including 1 reagent vial and instruction manual.


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A to Z Product Listing

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