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Digicen 21

Max. capacity: 4 x 100 ml.
Max. speed: 26.480 xg / 16.500 RPM
Max. volume: 480 ml.

Universal by design. With a wide range of rotors for microplates, cryotubes, microtubes, tubes from 100 ml., with options as versatile as con 28 x 15 ml. tubes in a swing out rotor and 32 x 15 ml. conical tubes in an angle fixed rotor, and rotors for high speed 85 ml., 80 ml., 50 ml., 30 ml. and 10 ml. tubes. The accessories and components are designed to facilitate cleaning and quick rotor exchange. This equipment can process highly diverse samples, offering the most exhaustive control of the process in its range. Programming by stages allows the user to control each of them, ensuring traceability and repeatability of the process at all times.

The safety devices incorporated, for the sample as well as the user, impede the cycle from beginning if the operation is not carried out in the right way and according to the values entered.

LCD screen:

  • Shows RPM and RCF, time and acceleration/deceleration (PCBS).
  • Speed programming in 10 RPM/ 10 xg steps.
  • Timer countdown/up from “0” or at “set RPM/ RCF” for reproducible tests.
  • Timer from 1 to 99 min. programmable in 5 sec. steps and hold position.
  • PCBS: Progressive controlled acceleration and braking system up to 175 selectable  ramps that prevents sample homogenization after separation.
  • 16 programmable memories.
  • Several acoustic and visual messages warning the user the device situation.

Compatible rotors:

RT 108
RT 108

Rotor: Angle fixed 35º
Max. capacity: 24 x 15 ml.
RPM Max.: 5.000
Radius (mm): 132/114
RCF Max. (xg): 3689/3186
Min. temp. max speed (°C): -6

RT 110
RT 110

Rotor: Angle fixed 35º
Max. capacity: 24 x 5 ml.
RPM Max.: 6.500
Radius (mm): 113
RCF Max. (xg): 5.338
Min. temp. max speed (°C): -4


RT 121 (5)
RT 121 (5)

Rotor: Angle fixed 45º
Max. capacity: 6 x 50 ml.
RPM Max.: 6.000
Radius (mm): 132
RCF Max (xg): 5.313
Min. temp. max. speed (°C): -4

RT 128
RT 128

Rotor: Horizontal
Max. capacity: 24 x 1,5x 75 mm.
RPM Max.: 13.000
Radius (mm): 87
RCF Max. (xg): 16.438
Min. temp. max speed (°C): 1

Full Range of Centrifuges

Mini, Small & Micro

Mini: Minicen: for work with microtubes.

Small: Microcen 24: for general use in all kind of laboratories.

Microcentrifuges: Biocen 22, Biocen 22 R: High speed, centrifuge for microtubes and microhematocrit with application in Biotechnology, Nanotechnology…


Universal: Unicen 21, Digicen21, Digicen 21 R: versatility, applicable in most laboratories (blood test…).

High Capacity

High capacity: Consul 22, Consul 22 R, Digtor 22, Digtor 22 R, Dilitcen 22: for water, food, beverage, oil and blood tests, biotechnology…

Floor Standing

Floor standing: Magnus 22, Magnus 22 R: blood bags.

For Greater Productivity & Insights

For Greater Productivity & Insights

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