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Max. capacity: 4 x 2.2ml
Max. speed: 866 xg / 2,500 RPM

The cytocentrifuge Ortoalresa is designed for concentration of biological samples on a visible surface for the microscope and its subsequent identification and characterisation.

Easy to handle, reduces the handling time, indispensable features in oncology, cytology and microbiology services. It has a swing out rotor for 4 supports, with two positions for recovery of the filtrate for a second processing in the case of low concentration samples. It can adapt rotors for tubes or plates of the Digicen 21 centrifuge.

Compatible rotors:

RT 207

Rotor: Swing out
Max. capacity: 4 x 2,2 ml.
RPM Max.: 2.500
Radius (mm): 124
RCF Max. (xg): 866
Cytocontainers: 4

Full Range of Centrifuges

Mini, Small & Micro

Mini: Minicen: for work with microtubes.

Small: Microcen 24: for general use in all kind of laboratories.

Microcentrifuges: Biocen 22, Biocen 22 R: High speed, centrifuge for microtubes and microhematocrit with application in Biotechnology, Nanotechnology…


Universal: Unicen 21, Digicen21, Digicen 21 R: versatility, applicable in most laboratories (blood test…).

High Capacity

High capacity: Consul 22, Consul 22 R, Digtor 22, Digtor 22 R, Dilitcen 22: for water, food, beverage, oil and blood tests, biotechnology…

Floor Standing

Floor standing: Magnus 22, Magnus 22 R: blood bags.

A to Z Product Listing

A to Z Product Listing

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