Microplate Luminometer

Centro LB 960

Microplate Luminometer

The Microplate Luminometer Centro LB 960 is a sensitive, robust and versatile instrument for both Glow and Flash luminescence assays that can be equipped with up to 3 high-performance injectors. Dispensing can even be performed during a kinetic measurement.

The Centro LB 960 meets all currently known requirements for an all-purpose microplate luminometer. The reader supports all basic luminescence technologies including

  • Flash-type Luminescence
  • Glow-type Luminescence
  • Cellular Luminescence
  • Bio-Luminescence
  • Chemi-Luminescence

The selected detector and the proprietary design of the optical system guarantee lowest background and negligible crosstalk.

If you need the best sensitivity and do not need temperature control or simultaneous measurement and dispensing, the Centro XS³ is the luminometer of choice.


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