Alcodens hydrostatic balance


The Alcodens hydrostatic balance enables the determination of alcohol by volume according to the OIV method and Regulations 2870/2000 and 128/2004.

The scale is also capable of handling: 

  • Alcoholic strength by volume: 0-100% V/V 
  • Density reading at 20°C 
  • Resolution: 0.01% V/V 
  • Accuracy and repeatability: 0.02% V/V 
  • Total dry extract from 0.0 to 505.8 g/L 
  • Must evaluation expressed as: degree Baumé, Babo, Volumic Mass, Probable Alcohol 
  • User profile creation with password protection
  • Correction of draft volume in both distilled water and using known solutions, Calibration and zeroing of the balance.

Technical features

  • 5-inch color display allows easy selection of parameters;
  • Built-in software to manage densimetric measurements;
  • Automatic balance calibration with internal mass for consistently accurate results;
  • 2 pescants (20 ml) and 2 beakers (75 ml) double-jacketed included with the instrument;
  • Built-in RS232 port for printer connection;
  • USB port for saving data to USB flash drive;
  • All data and results are visible on the scale screen, so there is no need to connect to other instruments for data processing.

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